Leaky showers sound familiar? Here are several ways we can help:

Waterproof your balcony and stop the leaks
before they cause other serious damage. Here is
an example of one we’ve previously restored! 


Below is a picture of a marble restoration. One can 
clearly see the difference from the top portion in
comparison to the bottom portion of the marble. 



Grout & Tile Cleaning

Saltillo (Mexican) Tile Strip & Seal

Ceramic tiles are deep cleaned by special floor machines
equipped with heavy duty scrubbers/ brushes. Grout can be sealed either with a clear sealer or stained to the original color with an epoxy stain.
Since the grout lines are traditionally wider on this type
of tile, they are more prone to the elements that make them hard to upkeep. We can bring your Mexican tile back to its authentic look.

Grout Staining and Sealing Loose & Hollow Tiles
Over time, your floors endure extreme years of use or cleaning with caustic chemicals or improper methods. Oftentimes, your floors are the subject of: 

  • Dirt build-up from years of constant use
  • Cleaning with caustic chemicals or improper methods
  • Discoloration due to age
  • Improper initial installation
  • Inferior original materials
We can repair:

  • “Loose” Tiles
  • “Hollow” Tiles
  • “Buckled” and “Tented” Tiles
  • “Crunchy” Tiles 
  • “Cracking” Tiles

Marble/Granite Polishing and Restoration

Shower Restoration

Our stone restorations consist of stripping, polishing, honing, filling holes and and re-sealing. In addition, we polish and seal countertops, and re-grout marble showers and floors. Our services include:

  • Maintenance of saturnia, terrazzo, marble, limestone and granite.
  • On marble showers, the walls and floors are stripped of calcium and lime 
    deposits, and then they are polished and sealed.

Shower repairs include full restoration, cleaning, re-grouting, caulking and removing mold mildew and calcium from your shower. We will also seal the shower to prevent leaking. 

  Re-grouting & Re-caulking
   Tile may require re-grouting and re-caulking on a periodic basis. Grout can be worn away over time and caulking can peel away from the surface creating gaps that collect dust, moisture (in wet areas) which can then lead into the creation mold. We can repair cracks and voids in grout and make your floors look like new for a fraction of the replacement cost. 
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